Photographs of Barry Corbet

Photo Ten years old (Clifford Corbet via Muffy Moore).

Photo Around 1946 (Clifford Corbet via Muffy Moore).

Photo With family, 1958 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Climbing in the Shawangunks, 1958 (Roberts French).

Photo Southwest arete, Baxter's Pinnacle, Tetons, 1958 (Roberts French).

Photo Just Married (Muffy Moore).

Photo Nice wheels, 1959 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Barry, many years ago (Roberts French).

Photo Barry, many years ago (Roberts French).

Photo Barry, many years ago (Roberts French).

Photo Barry, many years ago (Roberts French).

Photo In Alaska (Muffy Moore).

Photo Barry the piano player, Alphorn Lodge - note the footwear (Muffy Moore).

Photo Barry on skis (Muffy Moore)

Photo Ski school, with Dennis Staley and Bill Ashley (Muffy Moore).

Photo The mountain guides: Willi Unsoeld. Glenn Exum, Eddie Exum, Barry, Al Read, Jake Breitenbach, Sterling Neale, Bob French. (Roberts French).

Photo Climbing Blacktail Butte (Muffy Moore).

Photo Catching some air, 1959 (Muffy Moore).

Photo On Mount Owen, around 1960 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Skiing with Muffy, 1961 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Drug-free parenting, 1961 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Teaching his son to ski, 1963 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Hard at work (Muffy Moore).

Photo The Rose Garden ceremony.

Photo Every inch a real smoke! (Back cover of Look Magazine, December 31, 1963). Large image.

Photo The film maker (Burke Corbet).

Photo With the twins, 1964 (Muffy Moore via Jennifer Corbet).

Photo Christmas, 1965, with Mike (Muffy Moore).

Photo On Mount Tyree, Antarctica, 1967 (John Evans).

Photo At work, undated (Jennifer Corbet).

Photo With Jonathan, 1970's (Muffy Moore).

Photo With Jonathan and Jennifer, 1970's

Photo Barry at home, 1979 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Making the Craig film (via Jonathan Corbet).

Photo Making the Craig film (via Jonathan Corbet).

Photo With Jennifer and Mike, Jennifer's graduation (via Jennifer Corbet).

Photo Maui, 1986 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Seoul, South Korea, with Mike, 1988 (via Jennifer Corbet).

Photo Akumal, Mexico, 1988 (Muffy Moore).

Photo Costa Rica, 1989, with Jake Kittle (Jonathan Corbet).

Photo Costa Rica, 1989, with Mike and Jake (Jonathan Corbet).

Photo At Jennifer's wedding, Jackson Hole (Muffy Moore).

Photo Dancing with Link, Jennifer's wedding (Muffy Moore).

Photo With Virginia Huidekoper, Jennifer's Wedding (Link Hibbard).

Photo Mexico City, 1994 (Muffy Moore)

Photo The infamous riverrat-mobile (Jennifer Corbet).

Photo Barry the kayaker (Muffy Moore).

Photo The Kayaker rests (via Jonathan Corbet).

Photo Reading to Michele, around 1993-4.

Photo With Michele, mid-1990's.

Barry and friends Barry, Eiichi Fukushima, and John Evans, Golden, Colorado, October, 1998.
(Eiichi Fukushima)

Photo On the soccer field, with grandson Michele, daughter-in-law Laura, and Paco, April, 2001 (Jonathan Corbet).

Photo The John Young Lecture, Craig Hospital, June, 2001 (with Michele and Giulia). (Muffy Moore).

Photo With grandson James, June, 2001 (Jonathan Corbet).

Photo With Giulia and Paco, August, 2001 (Muffy Moore).

Photo At Mike's wedding, September, 2001 (Muffy Moore).

Photo With granddaughter Giulia, December, 2001 (Jonathan Corbet).

Photo With John Breasted, July, 2003 (John Breasted).

Photo On the deck with John Breasted, July, 2003 (John Breasted).

Photo The Everest reunion, Barry's house, 2003. (Muffy Moore)

Photo James shows his stuff (Muffy Moore).

Photo Barry and Catrin (Muffy Moore).

Photo With Harriet Johnson, June, 2004 (Laura Hershey).

Photo On the patio, June, 2004 (Harriet Johnson).

Photo Barry at home (Muffy Moore).

Photo Barry in his kitchen, November 2004 (Muffy Moore).

Photo With friends and family, Thanksgiving, 2004 (Muffy Moore).