The first acknowledgment must go to the Prevailing Times, which make it possible to be in a wheelchair and in the world simultaneously. It is the Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation which generously funded this book and its companion film, OUTSIDE, it is Ed Holden who convinced that corporation that the project was fundable and it is Doctor Robert R. Jackson who convinced Ed. Jake Kittle, friend, soundman, grip, bellman, procurer and vehicle-to-ground cameraman, held the overland journeys together. My eldest son, Jonathan, contributed the best of the sports photos. Craig Hospital was a wonderful home base to work from. Dr. Harry Hahn, Dr. Robert Menter, Bonnie Sims, Rick Harry, Scott Manley and Sam Andrews were invaluable resources there, as was Carolyn Mitchell at Good Samaritan, Nancy Becker Kennedy at Rancho los Amigos, Doctor Terry Carle at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Gerry Warren at the University of Washington School of Rehabilitation Medicine, Roberta Trieschmann, now at St. Jude, Judy Heumann at the Berkeley C.I.L. and Bruce Marquis at NSCIF. Most of all, I acknowledge, thank and salute the real authors of this book, the disabled people who fill its pages.